You can test OrbPay via the use of testnet bitcoins.

Testnet is a dummy version of the Bitcoin blockchain and its coins do not have any value.

This means that anyone is able to test applications without having to use real Bitcoins, as a means of experimentation and exploration.

You can download a testnet Bitcoin wallet (for android) here:

And then visit this website to get some testnet coins:

After entering your testnet Bitcoin wallet address (as generated above), you will receive the testnet coins, but you have to wait up to 20 minutes until you receive confirmation that you are able to spend them.

Visit to test OrbPay with testnet coins. (Reminder: only testnet coins should be used for testing, not real Bitcoins).

Visit, click "Sign Up" and complete the registration form. Our Compliance team will get in contact with you and provide a Sandbox account with API documentation.

Once registered and logged in, you can use our sandbox environment to test our API, integration and flows with your testnet coins.

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