OrbPay website integrations are no different than traditional Payment services providers. Depending on your business model, you can add the Bitcoin (BTC) payment option on your checkout page or deposit page.

  1. When your customer chooses the BTC payment method, your server will create an API call to generate an address.
  2. In the API response, you will receive a URL that leads to a webpage where the QR code of an address is shown. 
  3. You can serve this URL as an iframe on your website or open it for your customer in a new page.
  4. Your customer can now perform a BTC payment and get notified when the payment is confirmed.
  5. OrbPay backend will send the IPN to your server as a notification of successful payment.
  6. After parsing the IPN, you should update your customer’s balance with the data provided in the IPN.
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