OrbPay steps in a Incident Process

1. Receiving Incidents

In the first step, the Customer Support receives the incident from a Merchant reporting it. The method of reporting is a email. Use this email address for sending email - https://tradecore.zendesk.com/.
Please use this email format for Ticket reporting:

  • Title - [OrbPay] <Description of the issue>
  • Body - Reproduction steps and any verbatim that can give us more insights what is an issue.
  • Attachment - Any visual proof, such as screenshot , that can speed up the issue resolution.

2. Validating Incidents

Our Customer Support team is validating the issue and responds to the received incident. In case that the Customer Support cannot validate an issue the Technical Team attempts to verify it is a valid incident that the Customer Support should address.

3. Escalating Incidents

 In case when the incident exists, the Technical team works on prioritisation and resolution. 

4. Resolving Incidents

The Technical Team is obliged to solve the issue in agreed SLA time frame from the contract. 

5. Closing Incidents

Customer Support closes the incident once the incident is resolved and communicate to Merchant.

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